A cerebrally written example of how the inner psyche can intertwine between main character and plot.

Second Chances

About the Book

Second Chances

Based on a real person’s life, this short story was birthed from one simple desire.  Gnawing at a heart for years, an unspoken and deep ‘what if’ weighed heavily, until it finally was voiced. Inspired by deep love and commitment to someone important, this story explores the ultimate sacrifice a person could pay. Coupled with factoids on mental disorders, the notes found throughout the short are meant as both secondary storytelling elements, as well as a knowledge boosters to help the reader understand certain signs for their own benefit. 

What's Inside

About the Artist

Dy Swann

Dy Swann is an artist who has been drawing since she can remember. Living mostly in her head, she is often found curled up with a cat and mug of tea, imagining her next art project. In her personal work she explores concepts like numbness, bitterness, or depression, to self heal and raise awareness.

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About the Author

H.B. Daye

Hailing from downtown Baltimore, H.B. lives quietly in the moment. Generally shy in nature, he observes people and his surroundings in deep contemplation. He enjoys relaxing at local cafés, listening to classical composition, and typing away on his trusty laptop. H.B.’s stories are generally pure fantasy or about the people who mean most to him, with fantastical flair.

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